Ukulele Tuners

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No, this isn’t about your favorite chromatic tuner that helps you get your uke to sound just right. I’m referring to the dials in the headstock of the uke that adjusts the tension of your strings.

Friction Tuners

Friction Tuners

The original and traditional tuning pegs are your friction tuners (image above). They are very sensitive to the touch and a quick turn can sometimes take the string out by a number of notes. You need to be super gentle and accurate with these.

Geared Tuners

Geared Tuners

Geared tuners (pictured above) are very common, sometimes called ear type tuners, they stick out the side of the headstock. Very comon in guitars, they have a gear in them so that one complete turn of the peg makes a smaller adjustment to the tension, it also makes it so you don’t require as much pressure when turning it. The only drawback is when you need to change strings, turning the peg so much hurts the hands a little, especially if you’re changing the strings on a few ukes.

Peghed Tuner

Peghed Tuner

Peghed tuners (above) are a combination of the two, they look like your traditional friction tuner as they don’t stick out the back, but they do have a better gear ratio built into them. Best of both worlds.

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evan January 8, 2011 at 4:51 pm

I have a ukulele

Tia September 13, 2011 at 5:33 pm

I have this Uke and also have a Tiki Uke tuner by Gogo tuners. Works amazing!!

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