Ukulele Sizes

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There are four main sizes of ukulele. Some manufacturers make variations on this and have completely different types like the kala pocket uke, but I won’t go into them here.
The sizes are (from smallest to largest)

  • Soprano
  • Concert
  • Tenor
  • Barritone

Sopranos are the smallest and the original uke. Around 21″ (53 cm) in length and usually having around 12 frets, it’s the most common uke. All the toy ukes come in this size it’s a good uke from a beginner to a professional.

Concert ukuleles are slightly larger, at about 23″ (58 cm) with around 15 frets. They have a louder deeper sound and also a very comon ukulele. I’ve got a Greg Bennett in this size and the range in frets allows you to play some solos that just aren’t possible on a soprano.

Tenor ukuleles are bigger still, at roughly 26″ (66 cm) and 17 or so frets. They are louder and deeper still. Used for a lot of jazz and blues, some are often tuned with a low G string (always makes me laugh) to give it more range and a different strumming sound. Jake shimabukuro often uses a tenor or concert when performing.

Barritone ukuleles are an odd one. the biggest uke, at around 30″ (76 cm). they’re the loudest and lowest uke. Strings are tuned like a bass guitar and used in a similar fashion. I might get one just for kicks.

So decide what you want to do with a uke before you get one, but if you’re starting out, get a soprano, they’re cheaper and great for strumming to your favourite karaoke songs.

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