Ukulele Popularity On the Rise

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For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, the popularity of the fabulous ukulele has been on a steady increase since 2006. Well, the googling of the term “Ukulele” is. But that’s a good indicator.

Ukulele Trend 01

Ukulele Google Trend

This doesn’t surprise me at all. At any music store I go to, the staff tell me most ukuleles fly out the window, especially the cheap toy ones, although a large number of the mid to high end ukes get sold also.

What surprises me is why this hasn’t happened sooner, this instrument is so easy to play, portable, relatively cheap and most importantly fun to play and sing along.

If this trend continues and the uke goes mainstream, we’ll get all the benefits that come along with it like song books, instructional guides and prices for the good ukes should also come down.

Here’s some extra data google have for us at the time of this post.

Ukulele Popularity By City

Ukulele Popularity By Coutry

Ukulele Popularity By City

Ukulele Popularity By City

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