Ukulele Fretboard Roadmap – Jim Beloff and Fred Sokolow – Review

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Fretboard Roadmap

Fretboard Roadmap

I’ve spent the last two weeks soaking up all the knowledge out of the Ukulele Fretboard Roadmap I picked up off amazon last week. Much of what I’ve learnt about in this book was worth researching further, I’ll make a few posts in the coming weeks about the chapters in this book.

This book isn’t for the absolute beginner. He breifly touches on reading uke tabs, but you might want to have the fundamentals down pat before getting this book. Someone who can strum the chords to a few songs and pluck a few simple melodies from sheet music would be ready for this book.

There are great exercises in there that will help you learn the fretboard and build up your finger strength and memorise common patterns too. Great for just sitting on the couch with the telle on.

Now don’t expect to read this thing once and expect to smash out a mental solo. But it will put you on the path to it.

Highly recommended 8/10

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raymond January 28, 2011 at 10:25 am

found this book to be extremely aggravating i understood it until it got to the d formation page and then i couldnt comprehend anything from there on and the book sure didnt help me understand it

aztai May 16, 2011 at 6:22 am

It was hard to understand at the beginning but sticking into it opened me to a wide world. Where I almost didn’t use most of the neck of my ukulele, now I run up and down back and forth. It enriched so much my playing, especially when songs keep some same chords quite many measures. This book put me on precious tracks, many thanks to the author.

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