The Complete Ukulele Course By Ralph Shaw DVD Review

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Complete Ukulele Course by Ralph Shaw

Complete Ukulele Course by Ralph Shaw

Fresh from amazon The Complete Ukulele Course taught by Ralph Shaw. Amazon are great, prices are always cheaper than bookstores and I find most music and bookstores don’t stock a very good range of ukulele books in the first place.

But about the DVD. Videos are generally great, there are nuances to the ukulele that need to be shown and can’t be demonstrated correctly in a book e.g. strumming technique. Some people are more visual people and learn from seeing rather than reading.  For these reasons, this DVD is perfect. But it is not comprehensive and you will definitely need more to learn how to play the ukulele properly.

The title states “Complete”, but it is hardly that. I don’t care how good a DVD is, you can not deliver a “Complete” uke course in 1 hour. It’s more a beginner/introductory course. It covers strumming, rhythm, some basic chords and the starting essentials, but does not go into any detail on anything much more than that.

I’d recommend this DVD to someone who has gone through a few beginner books and thinking about getting some one on one lessons. It would be something good to go through before you invest your cash in the tuition.

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