Summer Nights from Grease

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Classic karaoke song. Great for singing along

Chords for Summer Nights

Chords for Summer Nights


(D)Summer (G)lovin’ (A)had me a blast(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)Summer (G)lovin’, (A)happened so fast(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)I met a (G)girl (A)crazy for (B)me
(E)Met a (A)boy, (E)cute as can (A)be

(D)Summer (G)days (A)driftin’ a-(B)way, to (G)uh-oh those (A)summer (D)nights

(D)Tell me (G)more, tell me more, did you (A)get very (D)far?
(D)Tell me (G)more, tell me more, like, does (A)he have a (D)car?


(D)She swam (G)by me, (A)she got a cramp(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)He ran (G)by me, (A)got my suit damp(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)I saved her (G)life, (A)she nearly (B)drowned
(E)He showed (A)off, (E)splashing a-(A)round

(D)Summer (G)sun, (A)something’s be-(Bm)gun, but (G)uh-oh those (A)summer (D)nights


(D)Tell me (G)more, tell me more, was it (A)love at first (D)sight?
(D)Tell me (G)more, tell me more, did she (A)put up a (D)fight?


(D)Took her (G)bowlin’ (A)in the Arcade(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)We went (G)strollin’, (A)drank lemonade(G)-(A)-(G)
(D)We made (G)out (A)under the (B)dock
(E)We stayed (A)up `(E)til ten o’(A)clock

(D)Summer (G)fling (A)don’t mean a (Bm)thing, but uh-(G)oh those (A)summer (D)nights


(D#)Tell me (G#)more, tell me more, but you (A#)don’t gotta (D#)brag
(D#)Tell me (G#)more, tell me more, cause he (A#)sounds like a (D#)drag


(D#)He got (G#)friendly, (A#)holdin’ my hand(G#)-(A#)-(G#)
(D#)Well she got (G#)friendly, (A#)down in the sand(G#)-(A#)-(G#)
(D#)He was (G#)sweet, (A#)just turned (C)eighteen
(F)Well she was (A#)good, you (F)know what I (A#)mean

(D#)Summer (G#)heat, (A#)boy and girl (Cm)meet,
but uh-oh (G#)those (A#)summer (D#)nights


(use the higher A for this section)

(E)Tell me (A)more, tell me more, how much (B)dough did he (E)spend?
(E)Tell me (A)more, tell me more, could she (B)get me a (E)friend?

You could stop playing here or use the same chord progression
(D)It turned (G)colder, (A)that’s where it (G)ends
(D)So I (G)told her (A)we’d still be (G)friends

(D)Then we (G)made (A)our true love (B)vow

(E)Wonder (A)what (E)she’s doin’ (A)now?

(D)Summer (G)dreams (A)ripped at the (B)seams, but oh, those summer (G)nights

(D)Summer (G)days (A)driftin’ a-(B)way, to (G)uh-oh those (A)summer (D)nights

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Rusty April 7, 2010 at 9:14 pm

Hey Champ – Nice One! Did you say I can use the bottom 4 strings of my guitar if my Uke is out on loan!?

None Of your Business November 13, 2011 at 7:39 pm


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