Major Scale for the Ukulele

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The major scale contains 7 notes plus the first note is repeated only an octave higher. Here is the tab for the C Major scale.

C Major Scale

C Major Scale

First note is a C (Tonic)
Second is a D (Supertonic)
Third is an E (Mediant)
Fourth is a F (Subdominant)
Fifth is a G (Dominant)
Sixth is an A (Submediant)
Seventh is a B (Leading)
Eight is a high C (Tonic) which is an octave higher than the first note.

Starting from the root, a major scale will move up in the following pattern of steps. Whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half. Where a “Step” is a movement on the fret board, a half step is one fret up, a whole step is two frets up.

If you move this pattern up the fretboard by two frets, you will get a D Major scale,

D Major Scale

D Major Scale

Move it up Two more and you will get an E major, Move it up just one more fret and you get an F Major scale.

Practice these scales regularly, get your head around them and you’re one step closer to being able to improvise your own solos.

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June Mycroft July 7, 2011 at 8:04 am

How can I go up two octaves?

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