Left Hand Mute

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When you want a chord to suddenly stop instead of ringing through, your first instinct is to mute it with your right (strumming/picking) hand, if you’ve just finished a strum and want a staccato sound your right hand needs to be pretty fast to get back to the strings in time to get the right sound. One alternative is to use a left hand mute.

To do this, immediately after your strum release pressure of your left hand’s fingertips so that your fingers are just resting on the string, you’ll notice the sound will just stop. That’s it. it’s that easy. Might take a little practice to get used to the feel of it and to stop yourself instinctively trying the right hand mute.

One thing to remember is it only works with bar chords, if you try it with a chord with any open strings that open string will keep ringing, you will have to either go the right hand palm mute or the slightly trickier pinky mute. More on that in a later post.

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