Learning notes on the Fretboard, the easy (cheating) way

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Notes Labelled on the Fretboard

Notes Labelled on the Fretboard

Call this cheating if you like, but it is an easy if not elegant way of learning the notes on the fretboard.

Almost every single time I try to figure out what a note is on the fretboard, I have to work it out, counting from the open string. I’m sure it will come to me with practice over time, but if I label the frets, I think it’ll come quicker.

I did this to my $20 Malaho uke, so I won’t be upset if it leave marks/scuffs. I like to alternate between my soprano mahalo uke to my concert Greg Bennett so sometimes I’ll see the labels, sometimes I won’t.

An alternative to this would be printing out a labelled fretboard.

[Edit] I realised after I posted this that I labelled the “C” incorrectly. Oh well.

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