I’ll Be There Jackson 5/Mariah Carey

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I'll Be There Chords

I'll Be There Chords

You and I must (G)make a pact,(Am) we must bring sal-(Em)vation back
(F)where there is (G)love, (C)I’ll be there(C)
(C)I’ll reach out my (G)hand to you, (Am)I’ll have faith in (Em)all you do
(F)just call my (G)name and (C)I’ll be there(C)

(Eb)I’ll be there to (Bb)comfort you,
build my (F)world of dreams around you, (C)I’m so glad I that I found you
(Eb)I’ll be there with a (Bb)love thats strong
I’ll be your (F)strength, I’ll keep (C)holding on – yes I will, yes I will

Let me fill you heart with (G)joy and laughter
(Am)Togetherness, (Em)well thats all I’m after
(F)Whenever you (G)need me, (C)I’ll be there
(C)I’ll be there to pro-(G)tect you, (Am)with an unselfish love (Em)that respects you
(F)Just call my (G)name and (C)I’ll be there

(C)If you should ever find (G)someone new, (Am)I know he’d better be (Em)good to you
(F)cause if he (G)doesn’t, (C)I’ll be there, Don’t you know, baby, (C)yeah yeah
I’ll be (G)there, (Am)I’ll be (Em)there, (F)just call my (G)name, (C)I’ll be there
(just look over you shoulders honey – ooh)

(C)I’ll be (G)there, (Am)I’ll be (Em)there, (F)whenever you (G)need me, (C)I’ll be there
Don’t you know, baby, (C)yeah yeah
I’ll be (G)there, (Am)I’ll be (Em)there, (F)just call my (G)name, (C)I’ll be there… fade out


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carlo September 24, 2010 at 10:53 am

whats the strum pattern?

huswy5 May 4, 2011 at 3:03 pm

dony know

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