Home and Away Theme

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Quite a few different chords in this one, but they’re common ones.

Home and Away Chords

Home and Away Chords

(G)You know we belong together
(Em)You and I forever and ever
(C)No matter where you are
(Am7)You’re my guiding star
And from the (G)very first moment I saw you (saw you)
I (Em)never felt such emotion
I’m (C)walking on air
Just to (D)know (just to know)
You are (E)there
(A)Hold me in your (A7M)arms
Don’t let me (D)go
I want to (F#m)stay forever
(D)Closer each day(E)
Home and (F#)Away

(A)Let me be the (A7M)one
that you turn (D)to
Someone you (F#m)can rely on
(D)Closer each day(E)
Home and (F#)Away

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