Fender Mini-Tone Master Amp Review

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Fender Mini Tone Master

Fender Mini Tone Master

I’ve seen these mini fender amps a hundred times in my local music stores before and each time I’ve thoughtto myself “Cool, I wonder what it sounds like”. I had a few bucks spare the day before payday this month so I used it on this.


  • 9V battery powered (not included)
  • 9V power input (not included) same power supply for most guitar pedals.
  • Headphone out (for those with sensitive housemates)
  • Plastic housing
  • Tone adjustment
  • Gain adjustment
  • Volume adjustment
  • Support arm, so you can lean the amp back

Sound 6/10
It really is an amplifier, I would easily fill up a large room full of sound and it gives the uke an entirely different feel. Turn up the gain knob and you’ve got distortion. I instantly had the urge hit out some power chords and start banging my head.
Being battery powered, in such a small plastic unit and for the price, I would have never had though this sound to come out.

Build 8/10
It’s plastic but built tough, I will take me some time to break this unit. But I always do. There is a lot of detail on it that give the amp the right look.

Overall 8/10
For the price, it is unreal. Perfect for camping, or when you’re on the go. There are alternatives like the Marshal MS4 Minior Orange portable amps. The Orange is apparently louder but I’ve got a sweet spot for fender.

I’m off to look for some heavy rock tabs to play.

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