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I finally got myself an iPhone on the weekend. Being a techo-geek, I don’t know why I waited for so long. What I really wanted was an Android phone, like the HTC desire that just became available here, but I wouldn’t be able to link it to my work email (yes my day job) so I got my sister the HTC and took this iPhone.

After playing around with the basic functions, I had a browse of the app store and was amazed at the number of good (and useless) apps available. Here are a couple I’m playing with at the moment.


Crap, I can’t believe I payed for it. It will only show you the chords within the first few frets.


Great chord finder, versatile enough to show different variations on chords, you can even put in notes and it will tell you what chord it is.

Ukulele Tuner

Don’t throw that chromatic tuner out just yet, this one only does your GCEA tuning, but that’s all I play anyway.

Pocket Guitar

Little app that you can use to play bass, uke, or guitar. Little hard to use, and I can’t seem to get any bar chords to work on it.

Drum Kit Lite

Most songs need a bit of percussion. Might try out a few other free lite apps before I decide to purchase one.

Atomic Fart

Kept me occupied for ages. Never gets old.

I was going to go out and buy a bass guitar or the KALA u-bass just to add simple bass lines to my recordings but I think these iphone apps just might be able to add the bass and drums I’m looking for. Look out for a few experiments with this puppy.

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